Q: I *love* your works, Miyu!
How can I help so that they're even better and, um... released faster?

A: Aw, why, thank you ❤️
If you insist on knowing, here's how you can help, listed in order of helpfulness:

- Become a Patron- starting at $1!
Enjoy perks such as behind-the-scenes info and art, downloadable soundtracks,
and even get your name on the "Special Thanks" screen in the games

- Purchase my games and Goods, doh!

- Subscribe to the Official Newsletter!

- Follow me on your favorite Social Network and consider sharing my posts!

- Rate my works!

- Send me a nice encouragement email! miyu (at)

L-love you ❤️

About the game release delays,
I'm fully invested in these works and doing everything I can to deliver them to you with the highest quality and as quickly as my resources and skills allow.
Thank you for your support and patience

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