Hi there!' public relations lead- Miyu here!
Lost? Confused? Lonely? Not to worry- I'm here to help!

Feel free to drop me an email: miyu (at)

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Q: When is [Game A] coming out?

A: Take a look at the "Upcoming" page!

This provides the most up-to-date release planning,

but please keep in mind that release dates can change

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Q: Is [Game A] released on [Platform B]?

A: You can find information about all released games on the "Released" page!

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Q: I've found a bug. What should I do?

A: D-don't ask me! Maybe just don't leave food around next time, okay?

Totally unrelated but, if you run into any issues with my games,
or if you have some helpful feedback, I'm all neko-mimi
Just drop my hooman serv- hum, I mean assistant an email: support (at)

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LF episodes
Q: How many episodes are planned in the "Light Fairytale" series?

A: Four episodes are planned in total.

Two are currently available on all platforms,
while Episode 3 is in development and planned for release in 2024.

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snr requel
Q: Is there a sequel in the works for "Super Night Riders"?

A: Yeah! Super Night Riders is getting a reboot as a series, enhanced in every aspect!

Season One (S1) is a remake starring Alice,
while Season Two (S2) is a sequel starring her greatest rival Yoko!

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Q: I *love* your works, Miyu!
How can I help so that they're even better and, um... released faster?

A: Aw, why, thank you ❤️
If you insist on knowing, here's how you can help, listed in order of helpfulness:

- Become a Patron- starting at $1!
Enjoy perks such as behind-the-scenes info and art, downloadable soundtracks,
and even get your name on the "Special Thanks" screen in the games

- Purchase my games and Goods, doh!

- Subscribe to the Official Newsletter!

- Follow me on your favorite Social Network and consider sharing my posts!

- Rate my works!

- Send me a nice encouragement email! miyu (at)

About the game release delays,
I'm fully invested in these works and doing everything I can to deliver them to you with the highest quality and as quickly as my resources and skills allow.
Thank you for your support and patience

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