RACING - Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam.

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Super Night Riders is a modern checkpoint arcade racer series inspired by 1980s retro classics.

Each season features an exclusive playable female pro racer and 36 stages in 6 locations.

In this series, your position in the race does not matter. It's all about traveling as far as possible while dodging the other riders, and reaching each checkpoint before the timer hits zero.

All the races starts during the day and continue through the night right up until sunrise.

Super Night Riders S1 (Season One)
Q1 2023 - Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam.

A full remake of the 2016 retro-inspired checkpoint arcade racer Super Night Riders.

Improved on every aspect: Graphics, gameplay, features, balancing and rewards.

Play once more as Alice, the beautiful and talented motorcyclist known as the Red Rider, in the 6 original locations.

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All screenshots are early work-in-progress.

Super Night Riders S2 (Season Two)
TBD - Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam.

A true sequel built on the foundation of S1 but featuring 100% new content.

Play as Yoko, Alice's greatest rival in 6 new locations.

Super Night Riders (2016)
February 2016 - PS4, Xbox One, Steam.

The original Super Night Riders released in 2016.

Still available at a very low price

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Digital Soundtracks & Artbooks
Downloadable soundtracks and digital artbooks.

Now purchasable even if you don't own the base game on Steam!

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Physical Goodies

Collector T-shirt available on Amazon US, JP, UK, DE, FR, IT and ES!