RACING - February 2016 - Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam.

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The original 2016 release. Still available at an attractive price

You are Alice, a beautiful and talented motorcyclist known as the Red Rider.

In this game, your position in the race does not matter. It's all about traveling as far as possible while dodging the rival riders, and reaching each checkpoint before the timer hits zero.

All the races starts during the day and continue through the night right up until sunrise.

The game features 2 visual styles: Super and Classic.

Ride through 36 beautiful stages in 6 challenging courses!

Screenshots - Click to zoom-in!


Trailer (REV.2) - 02/2018

Course 2 Gameplay - 02/2018

Digital Soundtracks & Artbooks

Downloadable soundtracks and digital artbooks.

Available on the Patreon Digital Shop & Steam.

Physical Goods

Collector T-shirt available on Amazon US, JP, UK, DE, FR, IT and ES!


Super Night Riders is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam (Windows, Mac and Linux).

Enhanced for PS5 / PS4 Pro and Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One X.

Playable in English.

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Design & Development: baka-neko (
Riders: Kakuriko, jugapugz
Illustration: romiy (, Kakuriko
Music: Terry Chandler (
English Correction: Christian Fowler
Anime: Nicca (
Special Thanks: altares

Press Kit