JRPG - November 2018 - PS4, Xbox One, Steam.

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Light Fairytale is a turn-based Japanese-style RPG series set in a dying underground world ruled by an evil empire.

The goal of this project is to bring back the immersion and emotion of 90's era JRPGs on current platforms with the expected evolution in design and technique.

Episode 1 - Available now on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.
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Episode 2 - Coming in Q4 2020.
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A long time ago, the world was prosperous. Technology and sciences were quite advanced, and people lived in great pleasure and casual excess. However, this proved their undoing when the world as they knew it, seemingly in an instant, was destroyed forever.

Desperate and forlorn, the survivors of civilization resorted to fleeing to the only place on the planet where it was still possible to live - deeply underground. And so there they stayed, and survived.

Thousands of years later, the history of the surface has been forgotten, left to dust, and the wealth of the past lost to time. Even the very word "sky" has lost all meaning...

And then, a young boy named Haru wakes one day, fleeting dreams of vast green plains and a clear blue void locked in his memory; deep rooted, unshakeable... and driving him to know just what he saw.

Now, he must embark on a great adventure in order to discover the mysteries of the lost world, confronting the rulers of this dystopian society and beyond with the aid of a mysterious, silver haired girl...

Light Fairytale will span over 4 episodes. A long journey awaits!


Light Fairytale features a 2 minutes theme-song Anime with Japanese vocals. The song is called いつか青い空へ - Someday to the Blue Sky.


Music Samples