JRPG - November 2018 - PS4, Xbox One, Steam.

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Light Fairytale is a turn-based Japanese-style RPG series featuring a modern presentation with a classic core.

Episode 1 is the start of the adventure. Play as Haru and his childhood friend Kuroko as they fight an evil empire in the underground Lower City.


A bit lazy and a lot naive, Haru nonetheless is a kind soul and knows how to handle himself if push comes to shove. His noble heart can move people to do things they'd never dreamed themselves capable.

She might be short and cute (sometimes), but don't let that fool you: Kuroko is exceedingly capable in battle and always willing to step up. She's also fond of technology - maaaybe a bit too much so.

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Animated GIFs

1st Anniversary Update - 05/2020
Dev's Play Part 1: Childhood Friends

Launch Trailer - 05/2019


Light Fairytale Episode 1 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam (Windows, Mac and Linux).

Currently playable in English, French and Japanese.

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Design & Development: baka-neko (neko.works)
Character Design & Modeling: crab_man
Additional Animation: jugapugz
Illustration: romiy (mmmurmmr.strikingly.com)
Additional Illustration: nachiru, Thunder Cloud Studio
Music: Terry Chandler (kannnaduki.com)
English Correction: Christian Fowler
Japanese Translation: Level Up Translation, Clyde "Tomato" Mandelin (legendsoflocalization.com)
Special Thanks: altares