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Light Fairytale Episode 1 (PlayStation 4) + Soundtrack CD + Artbook
March 2022 - PS4.

Physical PS4 release with publisher Red Art Games including the soundtrack on CD and a booklet.

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Digital Soundtracks & Artbooks
December 2020 - Patreon, Steam.

Downloadable soundtracks & digital artbooks

Available on the Patreon Digital Shop & on Steam as DLCs.

Collector T-shirts
March 2019 - Amazon Merch.

Official T-shirts on Amazon US, JP, UK, DE, FR, IT and ES!

Available in single or dual-sided versions, with many color variations.

Light Fairytale T-Shirt - Haru & Kuroko

Super Night Riders T-Shirt - Chibi-Alice
two-sides T-Shirt - Pixel-art Miyu

Collector Throw Pillows
December 2021 - Amazon Merch.

Official Throw Pillows on Amazon US!

Light Fairytale Throw Pillow - Sleeping Haru & Kuroko