Android, Windows PC, FitbitOS.

▼ Super Nekollection
▼ Live Wallpaper Maker
▼ Retro LCD on Google Play!

Super Nekollection

September 2021 - Android.

A fast, light yet powerful Manga / Comics reader!

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Live Wallpaper Maker

December 2017 - Windows PC, Android.

Dynamic gaming themes on your desktop / home screen!

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Retro LCD

November 2019 - FitbitOS.

A free clockface for the Fitbit Versa smartwatch series inspired by 80's digital LCD watches!

Tap on various stats to reveal more data: Hours, minutes, seconds, 24H/12H, day of the week, day, month, year, week number, UTC worldclocks, countdowns, heart rate, calories, steps, distance.

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