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[Racing] Super Night Riders
A modern arcade racing game inspired by the retro classics. More info... »
February 2016 - PS4, Xbox One, Steam.

[JRPG] Light Fairytale
A turn-based Japanese-style RPG set in a dying underground world. More info... »
Fall 2018 - PS4, Xbox One, Steam.

[Shoot 'em up] Dark Fairytale
A story-driven shoot 'em up set in a dark steampunk world.
TBD - PS4, Xbox One, Steam.


[Theme] Live Wallpaper Maker
Create your own dynamic themes using a specific format, then share them on the web or download new ones made by the community! More info... »
December 2017 - Android.

[Utility] Font Based Character Recognizer
Reading helper for Japanese games: Detects visually any text in a running game and copies it to the clipboard. Can be setup for displaying Kanji readings, dictionary definitions or even a real-time translation! More info... »
January 2018 - Windows.