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Super Nekollection is a fast, light yet powerful Manga / Comics reader for Android.


- Simple, ergonomic user interface. GPU accelerated

- Highly optimized for a wide variety of devices and screens. From the smallest smartphone to the largest tablet.

- Support for archives (ZIP, CBZ) and image folders (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP).

- Navigate through your device storage with animated previews. Organize your collections easily using folders

- Quickly display your last viewed collections. Super Nekollection remembers the last viewed page automatically

- Set your favorite collections for quick access.

- Many options are available to adapt Super Nekollection to your device and needs: Reading direction, orientation lock etc.

- Features a cute sample Manga, please check it out

Launch Demo - 09/2021

Physical Goodies

Collector T-shirt available on Amazon US, JP, UK, DE, FR, IT and ES!

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Design & Development: baka-neko (
Illustration: nachiru, romiy (
Pixel Art: crab_man
Special Thanks: altares